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Bug Magnet (iOS 5 Edition)

I warned you all this might become a regular feature and here it is, following on from the popular 'Bug Magnet - TweetDeck Edition' (which got a good 30+ retweets thanks to a couple of bots :D) here is the new iOS 5 edition.

Last Friday I was one of the lucky few (only 4,000,000 or so...) that got a hold of the new iPhone 4S. Taking a well deserved day off from testing Iron Speed Designer and Bespoke Web Applications I sat at home and waited patiently until it arrived in all its glory at around 10:30am. Following an impromptu trip to town to sort out a new micro-sim card it was in my hands and fully functional.

Something to keep in mind is that I’m quite the fan of organising my apps using folders so I don’t need as many home screens; I stumbled across this bug when I realised that the new ‘Newsstand Application’ was not designed to be nested in a folder.

Basically all you need is 2 other applications and Newsstand to recreate this bug;

  1. Hold down on one of the non newsstand applications and drag it to the other non newsstand application to generate a new folder.
  2. As soon as you release the app to create the folder grab the newsstand application icon and drag that to the folder as well and quickly release it.

If you have timed this correctly then you will see a screenshot like that below where newsstand is nested within another folder, although the icon will not show on the homepage folder icon.

Screengrab of iOS homepage 

I’m sure some people out there will find this useful until it is inevitably patched in the next version of iOS, enjoy it while it lasts.

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  • martinkaden 18 Jan, 09:56 AM

    Bug magnet ios 5th edition very useful for iphone applications keeping posting nice blog
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