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IronSpeed group by reports page

One of the common uses for bespoke web applications like those created with Iron Speed Designer is reporting. Web based applications built using the dot net framework are great for database reports as they make it easy to do web based reporting. Building web applications with Iron Speed Designer is generally fast and simple. This is why I was surprised at a post I saw on the forums recently asking how to add a group by table on a new page in Iron Speed Designer as they couldn’t find it in the toolbox. Initially I thought something might be wrong with their application but after checking it seems Iron Speed Designer doesn’t include this as an option in the tool box. The simple work around for this problem is using the application wizard to create a new group by reports page as shown below.

Iron Speed Designer Web Application Wizard For Web Reports 

This simple work around shows why it is a great idea for people to report web based issues on Iron Speed’s forums as they can get help fast. The other bonus is that Iron Speed review these issues and can include improvements in future releases.

I have talked a lot about web applications if you need to know what is a web application check out this post from Dean.
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